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I'm taking a stand...

This may be an unpopular view, but that's what blogs are for.

Jerry Hairston Jr. should be the starting second baseman for the Chicago Cubs.

But Todd Walker is a better hitter! Todd Walker hit .305 last year! Todd Walker is sexier!

Right on all three counts.

Here's my question...

Will Todd Walker really hit that much higher than JH to justify his inferior speed and glove? Do you really get that much more from having Walker in there?

He's a lefty, that's the best thing he's got going for him.

There could be a huge difference in batting averages. Walker could hit .310 to Hairston's .260. A 50-point drop is pretty substantial.

But what if Hairston and Walker both hover around .280? Or what if Walker hits .290 and Hairston hits .280? Is it worth it? Is a 10 point advantage worth the speed and defense you lose by having Hairston on the bench?

Last year Walker hit 44 points higher than Hairston (.305 vs. .261). But Hairston was never fully healthy last year and had inconsistent playing time.

The debate rages on, but if Jerry Hairston Jr. wins the starting spot over Todd Walker, I can't say I'll protest.


  • At 3/28/2006 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Given the question marks at pitching I think we have to go with strong defense. Combine that with guys who remember and come thru on the fundamentals and I'd say JH deserves a shot.


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