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An objective look at the love of my life--the Chicago Cubs.


I'm having trouble watching this team. Not because I don't stick by them, but because it actually depresses me and it's not healthy.


I get too down when the Cubs are playing like crap and it's not a good thing. Their play affects my overall joy far more than it should.

So when they get down by a few runs, I usually turn the game off. You're calling me a quitter aren't you?

I like to think that my mental health is more important than watching the game. If I continue watching the team swing at first pitches, give up 0-2 hits, walk leadoff men, get doubled off base, and try to pull everything the pitcher throws, I'm going to give myself a stroke.

New Cubs drinking game...have a shot every time Matt Murton gets called out on an inside fastball. Happens about twice a game.


  • At 5/05/2006 9:31 AM, Anonymous Mark said…

    I think Ron Santo would prefer to turn off games when we're down by two runs as well - but I sense that he'd turn it back on about 5 minutes later to see if anything turned back around.


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