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Let's get one thing straight: The Chicago Cubs are NOT going to the playoffs this year.

It's not happening, and Cubs management needs to realize that. Therefore, the rest of this season should be devoted to preparation for next year's team.

One would think that would mean giving a lot of playing time to the younger guys, though we've clearly seen Dusty would rather sit on one of his $6 toothpicks than letting a rookie get significant playing time.

Look at the contradicting comments of Jim Hendry and Dusty Baker...

(from the Chicago Tribune)

"I think [Murton] held his own admirably coming up from Double A," Hendry said. "So it's not like we're going to have 12 guys without big-league experience up here by Sept. 1. … I think if Cedeno and Murton are playing, that's a positive, and I think our fan base would appreciate that."

Now look at what Dusty said...

"We owe it to ourselves and to our fans to put the best team on the field and try to win," Baker said.

That suggests kids like Cedeno and Murton won't play on a regular basis.

"It's too early for me," Baker said. "I haven't been in this position in years. You still owe your best to the team and to the fans and to everybody, for now. Eventually you're going to have to start thinking about that, but right now we plan to end up the best we can. We owe it to ourselves, to the paying customers and out of respect for the game."

IDIOT!! What kind of manager is this??

"We owe it to ourselves..." No Dusty, you had a talented team and you failed with it, just like you did last season.

" the paying customers..." So basically you're compromising the future success of the team so that the fans get what they want. I think there's a good number of Cubs fans who want to see what the future Cubs are going to look like, because we all know what the current Cubs look like, and it's not good. Don't let the fans dictate your managerial decisions. Moron.

"...and out of respect for the game." You want to respect the game? Take these fundamentally-challenged players off the field and play some rookies who will play their heart out because they'll be fighting for playing time in 2006. How are you respecting the game by keeping aging, failing players on the field? You'd be better off respecting the game by looking ahead to next season and trying to ensure that the 2006 Cubs don't fail the way the 2005 Cubs have.

I pray that the Dodgers fire Jim Tracy, view Dusty as a good replacement, and get his ass into LA and out of Chicago ASAP.

My first call for Dusty to be fired was on May 5th when we fell two games under .500, in the midst of being swept by the Brewers.

Yet he's still here, continuing to foster failure.


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