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Another Article by Mariotti

Read it here.

He mentions possible contract extensions For Dusty (NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!) and Hendry (meh).

I'd like to comment on his 9 player decisions though...

1. Cut Nomar loose-- Despite Nomar's recent production, I agree with this. He's no good to us on the bench, and he's not going to sign for THAT cheap of a contract.

2. Sign Furcal for SS, let Cedeno and Neifi platoon at 2B-- I agree with signing Furcal and letting him lead off. But I dont want to see Neifi back with this team. There's no way in hell Dusty will platoon him with Cedeno. Dusty's definition of platooning means playing Cedeno once for every five games he plays Neifi. NO THANK YOU.

3. Give Derrek Lee $100 million and don't risk losing him after the '06 season-- Mariotti sure likes to spend money that isn't his. But I'll join in. I'd give Lee $75 million over 5 years. He's had an amazing season, but after the Sosa debacle, I can't justify giving any player that much cash, especially based on one season.

4 & 5. Have Murton in left, Pie in center (if ready) and Brian Giles in right-- Sadly I think this may be the best we can do for '06 given the slim pickens in the free agent market. Johnny Damon will be too expensive for how old he is, so forget that idea. I'm still not sold on Murton being a corner outfielder, but Hendry may have little choice. And I badly want to see Pie play.

6. Dont expect much from Kerry Wood-- Amen to that. I just get the feeling that Wood, no matter how many times he has his arm worked on, will never live up to the hype we've been swimming in since his historic 20K performance in 1998. Mariotti also suggests taking a look at AJ if we dont have enough injury-prone starters as it is?

7. Buy an effective closer-- Mariotti suggests chasing Billy Wagner or BJ Ryan. If you can get Wagner for 2 years, by all means do it. BJ Ryan...if the price is right.

8. Dump Rothschild-- It will be a DAMN SHAME if Larry Rothschild gets dumped and Dusty doesn't. A DAMN SHAME. Dusty is the problem, not Rothschild.

And Mariotti ends like this...

Decision No. 9, we'll leave to the fans. Why do you keep clinging to this cause when there's no redeeming value in the end and contracts are being extended to unworthy recipients? To the long list of philosophical toxins that have plagued Chicago National League Ball Club Inc., add a distasteful entry:


You think I've been unhappy this season? Try talking to me if Dusty Baker gets a contract extension.


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