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Neifi wants to start in '06

from the Daily Herald...

Perez is batting .282 with an on-base percentage of .306. He will be a free agent, and the Cubs would like to have him as a backup again.

“My body tells me I can play every day,” Perez said. “I might be looking for a starting job for somebody. I feel happy here to play for a manager like Dusty Baker. I want to come back. I don’t only play shortstop. I can play second base.”

(Insert punch line here)


  • At 9/13/2005 3:51 PM, Anonymous Patrick said…

    OBP of .306. Let him walk if he can't take a walk. He has not nearly the power to be such a free swinger. Derrick Lee would have at least 20 more RBIs if Neifi's OBP was .360


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