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Don't Do What Donny Don't Does...Part One

Since it appears a foregone conclusion that Dusty is coming back, I'll just move on to the player portion of this post.

DO Trade Corey Patterson and go into 2006 planning on Felix Pie being your center fielder.

DON'T Get into a bidding war with the Yankees and Red Sox for Johnny Damon. For how old he is, he's not worth the money he's going to get.

DO See what you can do about acquiring a power hitting outfielder. Brian Giles would be adequate, but allow me to get a little crazy. If Manny Ramirez wants out of Boston, make a phone call. It would take a lot to get him, but he'd be a damn nice addition to our lineup. You put Manny in left, I can live with Murton in right.

DON'T Re-sign Jeromy Burnitz. He's a hardworking, likable player who's fun to root for, but that doesn't warrant another year in a Cubs uniform in my opinion.

DO Give Derrek Lee a new contract this offseason. 5 yrs/$75 million.

DON'T Give Dusty Baker a new contract this offseason. He needs to be GONE after 2006.

DO Move Ronny Cedeno to second base. He's younger, cheaper, faster, and better defensively than Todd Walker

DON'T Re-sign Nomar. I know, the last 2 months of the season he looked good. But he also played himself into more money by performing well those last 2 months, and that's money better spend elsewhere. It was fun Nomar. Goodbye and good luck.

DO Take a long, hard look at Rafael Furcal. He's a leadoff hitter, he's very fast, he'll be 28 later this month, he's got a cannon for an arm, he stole 46 bases last year, and he scored more runs than any Cub besides Lee. Problem...he may be a bit of an ass, and we all know how well Dusty handles players like that.

DON'T Assume Matt Murton is going to put up huge offensive numbers over the span of a full season. He may, but I'm not comfortable putting all our eggs into a rookie's basket like that.

DO Look for another starting pitcher, and one who is better than Greg Maddux. AJ Burnett? Do we really need another pitcher who gets injured easily? Kevin Millwood? If we sign him at a senior citizen discount. Matt Morris? You better not overpay for that guy. A trade may be in order...

DON'T Heavily rely on Greg Maddux to give you QUALITY STARTS. Just because he's pitching 200 innings doesn't mean he's shutting people down. We all like Mad Dog, but it's time to call him what he aging pitcher who's becoming less effective every year.

More to follow...


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